Cockpit Underseat Layout

It was a challenge routing everything on the floor of the cockpit under the seats, especially on the pilot side where you have many electrical wires along with the pitot & static lines and also the aileron servo motor. I was careful to make sure nothing will rub on the various pushrods and torque tubes.

ELT not hooked up.

Landing, Taxi & Anti-Collision Lights

I purchased my landing & taxi light assembly from flyleds located in Australia. Super people to work with. I used their combo leading edge landing/taxi light for both my wings. Total of 4800 lumens in each wing!! One light has a diffuser for the taxi light and the other 3 lights are landing lights. Multiple by 2 for both wings 🙂 I had to enlarge the hole in the wing slightly, but pretty easy.

Wing is upside down so taxi light is really on top

Firewall FWD ready to go

Here are some pictures of how I arranged the engine compartment. I used a lot of cable ties to keep everything in place. First engine start was 8/6

Propeller attached, torqued and blade angles set

Instead of using Zeus fasteners (which are a real pain to use) I went with camloc fasteners. Henry at Midwest build center made up a wider aluminum strip to give more material for the cowling to attach to.


There is the debate on whether to paint the airplane before you do the initial flight or after. I have a good friend that has a paint shop 1/2 mile from my business. Since I was ready to move the plane from my business to the airport logistically it made sense to paint it during the move. So here are a few pictures of the painted plane inside my hangar at the airport (KMDZ)